About Us

With podiatrists in Curepipe, Moka, Centre de Podologie specialise in all foot problems including heel pain using the most advanced orthotic prescription methods available.


Centre de Podologie has consultations all over the island of Mauritius. The Centre de Podologie was founded in July 2010 by Mr Valéry de Falbaire. Mr de Falbaire, graduated from the Haute école Parnasse-Deux-Alice in Belgium and was the first Mauritian Podiatrist.

Currently there is two other qualified podiatrists working with Mr de Falbaire for Centre de Podologie, Betty Taleb and Lorraine Dehoux, both are graduated from Haute école Parnasse-Deux-Alice.

Consultations from Monday to Saturday from 9h00 to 20h00

Moka (Apollo Bramwell Hospital & Synergy Sport and Wellness Institute)

Curepipe (Activecare)

What do we do?

Centre de Podologie delivers podiatric services to patients of all ages for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot and lower limb complaints. Podiatry is a specialist field and Centre de Podologie is one of the fastest growing podiatry centre in Mauritius. Our aim is to always provide individual specialist treatment to all patients so as they can walk, run and play without pain. Our podiatrists' extensive knowledge of human anatomy, plus their specialist understanding of the mechanics of the foot and lower limbs extends our scope of services from not only feet but also to lower limb complaints. Our patients seek out our services for many reasons, some of which are listed below:

• All types of foot pain/complaints

• Difficulty in treating foot complaints

• Diabetes

• Questions in relation to sports/physical activity footwear

• Aches in legs during or after sports/physical activity

• Chronic knee problem pain/complaints

• Wish to determine the type of foot they have (for example flat or high arch) and what potential leg injuries can arise and how to prevent potential injuries

• Corns and in-grown toe nails

• All types of foot pain/complaints (Apollo Bramwell Hospital & Synergy Sport and Wellness Institute)

• Leg length differences

• Bad nail shape who need to be corrected

• Nail fungus

• Chronic back problems

• Analysis of walking/running mechanics

Why choose us?

Centre de Podologie has podiatrist consultation all around the Island. Our consultations provide convenient opening hours.

Our team have extensive skills and training to diagnose, treat and prevent all podiatric complaints. We are committed to ensuring that our teams’ competency standards are high. Our whole team has qualifications from the Haute Ecole Parnasse Deux Alice, Belgium and undergo continuous podiatry education. Our clinics use up to date technology and methods of ensuring quality patient care and diagnoses. We also have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of sports/activity related injuries. Our team are active individuals with some members being ex-professional athletes. Through our own experiences we can empathize and understand the psychology of an athletic/active person who is suffering pain and unable to train and compete at their full capacity. Our orthotic prescription uses foot cast designed by your individual treating podiatrist. This ensures excellent treatment outcomes, unique and precision devices for premium performance. We manage professional sporting clubs and athletes so understand what elite care means.

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